TruBodx Keto was eating good I was not working out I had actually just been going through a lot of like personal things around this time as well and what I'm dealing with personal things I've become very emotional and when I'm very emotional I'm an emotional eater so I was eating a lot and not working out and just being a human so I just kind of want to say that so that anybody watching this that feels kind of like guilty or bad that they're not being consistent with their workouts or that you know damn I eat that whole bag of Funyuns last night but you know what funky let's just scrap the book and just fuck this diet and fuck this workout and it's just like mmm no you can slip up and you can still be fucking fine like it's not the end of the world number one thing is to not look at it as if it's like a competition or something or like there's a deadline on when you need to lose weight I mean I completely understand that there are you know things that we want to like look good for like this so you have a wedding or something or you have like a prom or some shit okay then you might need to go a little harder in the gym or just like you know go on like a very clean diet but if you're just like you know new year new me I'm losing weight i want to lose weight I want to get fit don't put like a time limit on it and I think I just think that's the healthiest way and the most like healthiest way like physically and also mentally to do it because if you start going on this like health bender where you're like I have to be 120 pounds by summer and if I'm not I'm going t